Watch: Trump Mocks Biden’s Political Ruin In Explosive Saturday Interview

Former President Trump ripped into his successor in a popular interview that aired this Saturday evening via Fox News.

Talking with host Judge Jeanine Pirro, Trump went over several aspects of Biden’s White House that he thinks are not only wrong for the nation but are actually harming it.

But before he went into the details, Pirro asked Donald what “grade” he would score Biden.

“I think you would have to say an F — and not even an F+,” Trump said during his interview from his home in Florida. “It would be an F. It is a failed administration and a total disaster. I have never seen anything like it.”

He went on to say he used to believe that the administration of Carter was the worse in American history, saying that he was not a fan of former President Bush’s Middle East engagements.

Still, Trump then said he does not wish Biden ill and wants him to succeed because that would be great for the nation.

“And by the way, I wish he would do great. I love this nation more than I love anything, family, God, country. You know, we must take care of our nation. I would love to see him do great. I don’t think there is ever been a larger embarrassment in the White House,” Trump said.

Later, Trump spoke about the tight gubernatorial race occurring now in Virginia between Dem contender and former Governor Terry McAuliffe and his Republican challenger Glenn Youngkin, the latter of whom was endorsed by Trump.

He said he thinks that McAuliffe has made “a big mistake” with voters by saying that parents should not have control over their kids’ school curriculum during a debate with Youngkin, then predicting that the GOP contender will “do very well” in the Tuesday election this week.

“Look, McAuliffe made a huge mistake,” Trump said. “But it is really probably not a mistake from his viewpoint. He really believes it.”

“I have watched the school board hearings more closely than ever, to be honest,” said Trump, a reference to the emotional interactions between parents and school board members in Loudoun County and around the nation.

“The parents are angry. They are not terrorists, they’re just Americans who are so upset,” he said in a reference to a message from a school board group to the Biden White House in late September.

“They are angry and hurt, they’re crying because their kids are being taught things that most people in this country’s opinion, they do not want their kids to hear this stuff,” Trump said. “They want to get back to writing, reading, and arithmetic.”

Author: Scott Dowdy