What Biden Just Did Will Cost Him The Support Of Every American

The DHS this week denied United States landing rights to a plane that was carrying over 100 American citizens and legal residents trying to leave Afghanistan, flight organizers said to Reuters.

Bryan Stern, the organizer and founder of the nonprofit organization Project Dynamo, reportedly discussed the incident with reporters on the tarmac at an Abu Dhabi airport within the United Arab Emirates, where his plane was grounded for 14 hours.

Passengers came on a flight from Afghanistan. Once they arrived, Stern said he wanted to move them to an Ethiopian plane to go to the United States and that the authorities had cleared the plane to land at the JFK Airport in NY City.

But according to Stern, the Border Patrol then changed this clearance to Dulles Airport close to Washington, D.C., only to then deny the plane its landing rights at any location in the United States.

“They will not allow a charter on a global flight into any United States port of entry,” Stern said.

“We see a Boeing 787 parked in front of us,” he said. “I have the crew. And I have the food.”

The plane, which is from a private Afghan airline, had reportedly 117 people — including 28 American citizens, 83 green cards, and six Afghans with Special Immigration Visas. 59 of the people on the plane were kids.

The Biden administration officially finished its evacuation last month but, in the process, left behind a large amount of Americans and Afghan allies in the now Taliban-owned country. Joe Biden has said bringing home those who want to leave Afghanistan is his top priority, but several nonprofit groups have said his actions reveal a different story.

Stern’s group is one of many volunteer groups comprising military veterans, former American officials, and other unpaid activists that work to aid in the evacuation efforts amid the Biden White House’s mismanaged withdrawal from Afghanistan.

These groups have helped Americans who are stranded in the nation to get to the Kabul airport for evacuation and have organized private flights out of the nation. Meanwhile, many nonprofit activists have said that the Biden White House — rather than helping these goodwill efforts — has routinely prevented them from doing this.

Author: Scott Dowdy