What Ted Cruz Is Planning To Do With Illegals Has Democrats Running For The Hills

Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz introduced new legislation on Tuesday that would build processing centers for illegals to places like Martha’s Vineyard and other Dem-led communities during the ongoing border crisis.

“For the previous ten months, President Joe Biden and his White House have willingly handed over our southern border to dangerous cartels, with no care given to the border towns like Del Rio and McAllen, which are getting low on resources from handling the huge influx of illegals,” Cruz said in a comment before introducing his legislation.

“That is why today I am putting forward this crucial measure to alleviate the huge overload at our southern border by creating new ports within Democrat-led towns like North Hero in Vermont, where Bernie Sanders likes to spends his summer vacations, and Martha’s Vineyard, where Dem elites like to have their cocktail parties,” Cruz said.

The law would create new ports in 13 cities across the United States and mandate that all illegals caught in Texas be moved to one of the 13 places for processing.

The 13 brand new ports would be put in Greenwich, CT, Block Island, RI, Martha’s Vineyard, MA, Cambridge, MA, Governors Island, NY, Rehoboth Beach, DE, Nantucket, MA, Newport, RI, Scarsdale, NY, Yountville, CA, Palo Alto, CA, St. Helena, CA, and North Hero, VT.

“Local Border Patrol Area in Texas are being overwhelmed by the amount of illegals at the border. The Texas state government has been forced to issue a state of disaster and give its police the fiscal resources needed to deal with this crisis,” Cruz said in his press release.

Cruz visited the southern border back in March and stated he saw cartel members and human traffickers. “That’s Mexico and you can see three smugglers standing on the Mexican side starting at us,” he stated in one of his videos.

Author: Steven Sinclaire