Whistleblower Reveals Biden’s Role In Suicide-Bombing Attack

A former Pentagon employee has said in an interview that the American military could have prevented the suicide bomber who killed 13 United States service members and over 100 Afghan civilians.

If this report is true, it’s another huge blow against the credibility of the Biden White House and the Defense Dept., and should cause resignations and court-martials for top members of the admin.

Media Research Center Television reported that during an interview with Univision, the former Deputy Assistant Sec. of Defense for Western Hemisphere Issues, Roger Pardo-Maurer, reported that the man who killed 13 Americans was known to officials.

Even worse, he said a Predator drone had him in his sights, knew about his identity and was prepared to kill him, but was ordered to stand down leading to the Kabul airport explosion.

“What is being said by those who were involved is that the Dept. of Defense already understood who the bomber was, and when his attack would occur, and that a Predator drone had him, and they refused to allow the drone to fire on the bomber,” Pardo-Maurer said.

“Permission was asked for, and was then denied. Why? Because we are currently negotiating with the Taliban, who are not even in control of their country or their people,” the former Defense Dept. official said.

If this report is accurate, then it is time to clean house with United States military leadership — not that it has not been time for that for years.

We cannot verify these claims, and he would not disclose his sources, but the nation’s current commander-in-chief said not long ago that he urged former President Obama not to green-light the operation that ended up killing Osama bin Laden back in 2011.

The Washington Post reported on remarks of President Biden made back in 2012 urging Obama not to kill bin Laden.

“The president, he went around with the senior people, including with the chiefs of staff, and he said, ‘I have to make a choice. What is your opinion?’ He went to the national security adviser, then the sec. of state, and he ended up on me,” Biden said.

“Every single one in that room hedged their bet except for CIA Director Leon Panetta. Leon told him to ‘Go.’”

“He said, ‘Joe, what about you?’ And I said, ‘I did not know we had this many economists here.’ I said, ‘We owe him a direct answer. Mr. President, I say don’t go,” Biden said at a conference for House Dems.

Author: Scott Dowdy