Whistleblower Reveals How The Internet Was Fundamentally “Altered” To Hurt Trump

Google whistleblower Zach Vorhies, who is the co-author of the new book “Google Leaks,” has detailed how Google “re-designed their algorithms to specifically target after Trump” during an interview with reporters.

Vorhies passed hundreds of documents to Project Veritas back in 2019, including some from the company’s YouTube video search blacklist revealing direct interference in the democratic process.

During his interview with conservative reporters, Vorhies showed internal files revealing how Google ranks news stories. “This is known as realtime, hive-mind scoring,” reported Vorhies. “They literally created it, they re-wrote it given the fight between Trump and James Comey.”

Asked whether this was a technique for Google to bring some news stories to the top of the rankings, Vorhies pointed out that the search quality has declined, with users going to competing search engines.

“It is not increasing its market share in the U.S.… their competitors are experiencing exponential growth.”

“The way they allow the media to structure their news stories so they can stay at the top of their search index.”

News outlets like the Epoch Times used to be in the top ten results for some stories, but were removed at some point.

Breitbart News was also censored by Google, with search data showing that by 2020, the visibility of Breitbart links on Google has lowered by 99.7 percent when compared to 2016, despite no corresponding decline in traffic. Breitbart News also showed that visibility for searches for “Joe Biden” went down to zero.

Vorhies explained that Google gives each website a PageRank rating or score, which it does not show to website owners. Vorhies said that Google has actually ignored congressional subpoenas to obtain PageRank scores.

“They base this score off of what the media says, and also what is being said on Wikipedia. But the problem with Wikipedia is that they have gone from only using primary sources to now using secondary sources that report the primary sources.”

“In other words, media companies are controlling the whole system,” said Phillipp.

“Now that we have a rapidly changing narrative pretty much every month, they have to have an automated process which they can… change the definition of what is true and then shift all the different news articles around the topic.”

Author: Blake Ambrose