White House Caught Manufacturing Far-Left Outrage Against Itself

The school board association that was behind the comparing of parents to “domestic terrorists” collaborated with the Biden White House before sending this letter asking for federal assistance in handling concerned parents.

Emails obtained by the Parents Defending Education group, a parents organization, found that the CEO of the NSBA (National School Board Association) — the largest school board group in the country — was in talks with the Biden White House for “several weeks” before the group’s letter was sent. According to these emails, the White House requested more information about the “specific threats” happening across the nation.

“In discussions over the past several weeks with Biden staff, they asked for more information on some of the detailed threats, so the message also goes over many of the events that were happening,” CEO Chip Slaven said inside a September 29 email.

The letter to Biden was sent on September 29 and asked for assistance from the federal government, including the DOJ and FBI, in handling supposed unruly parents who come to school board meetings.

“America’s schools are under threat. The NSBA requests federal police to handle the growing acts of intimidation and threats of violence and happening across the country,” the letter says. “As these acts of violence against public school leaders have gone up, the classification of these heinous actions might be the equivalent of a form of hate crime or domestic terrorism.”

Days later, AG Merrick Garland ordered the DOJ to create a task force to decide how “federal enforcement tools might be used.”

According to these emails, Slaven and the President of the NSBA, Viola Garcia, sent the message to the White House without the backing of the NSBA board.

John Halkias, the group’s Director of the Central Region, condemned her letter and said it “took a stance that went over what many would consider reasonable and had terms that were too extreme.”

Nicole Neily, who is the president of Parents Defending Education, stated inside a news release that the NSBA conducted a “smear campaign” on American parents.

“Rather than just educating our children, the senior NSBA staff conducted a smear campaign against American parents,” Neily said. “Now it is time for the NSBA board to regain control or be scarred with the consequences of this terrible letter.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire