White House Takes Shredder To The Constitution With Recent Spy Campaign

WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki avoided an inquiry on Tuesday about Tucker Carlson’s explosive accusation that he was being spied on by the Biden team.

“Tucker Carlson revealed that the NSA is spying on him,” a reporter said to Psaki.“Does the White House know of any spying efforts against American citizens by the NSA, and is Tucker Carlson among these people?”

“The NSA, as you know — although I’m not sure everyone knows — is a group that researches foreign dangers and people who are trying to hurt Americans on foreign soil,” Psaki responded. “That is their area. But beyond that, I would guide you to speak to the intel. agencies.”

The question comes after Tucker’s revelations that his team had, “spoke to a whistleblower within the federal gov. who warned us that the NSA is watching all our internet communications and is intending to release them in order to have this show canceled.”

“The whistleblower fed back to us details about a news piece we are working on that could have come directly from my emails and texts. There is no other place he could have gotten this information, end of discussion,” Carlson said.

“The NSA stole this information and did so for political purposes,” Carlson said.“The Biden White House is spying on all of us. We have proven this now. This morning we issued a FOIA request and asked for all details that the NSA has gathered about this show. We did this as a formality. We have also contacted the NSA and FBI press office.”

Carlson went into his remarks on the Biden White House spying on him by saying that Biden had shifted its aim with the War on Terror from real terrorists to American conservatives. An accusation that Psaki has now neither confirmed nor denied.

Author: Steven Sinclaire