World Scientists Drop Bomb On China — Things Are About To Get Ugly


After an investigation between the WHO and China failed to give an explanation for the source of COVID-19, international scientists are in arms and demanding “more thorough investigations” without China’s participation.

In an open letter this week, 24 top researchers and scientists from Australia, Europe, Japan and the United States slammed the China-WHO study that ruled out a lab leak, as being politically corrupted.

“Their starting point was let’s compromise as much as needed to get minimum cooperation from the Chinese government,” said Jamie Metzl, an Atlantic Council fellow who wrote the group letter which states that the study’s end conclusions were based upon China’s unpublished research, while bio samples and records crucial to the investigation “stay inaccessible.”

Metzl says we might have to “go to plan B” and perform another investigation “only this one being independent and in the most thorough way we can” without Chinese help.

China has staunchly denied even the potential that the virus leaked from the Wuhan lab, where scientists were studying human transmitted bat coronaviruses.

“China has databases of which viruses are held… there are records of the work being performed,” Metzl added. “And we do not have access to these resources, or these scientists.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire


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