You Mess With The Bull, You Get The Horns: Trump Gets The Last Laugh Against Liberal Media

Shortly after the news broke that CNN had suspended host Chris Cuomo “indefinitely” for allegedly assisting in his brother’s efforts to try and discredit his #MeToo accusers, Trump declared, “Fredo is gone!”

“This is great news for the viewers, they’ve just fired Chris Cuomo!” Trump triumphantly said. “The main question is, was it because of Chris’s terrible ratings, which in all fairness have permeated MSDNC and CNN, or was it because his brother Andrew Cuomo is not Governor anymore? Probably both. In any event, Fredo is gone!”

A CNN spokesperson says that newly released text messages claiming that Chris Cuomo used his news sources to discredit his brother’s accusers had raised “serious concerns” regarding his ethical conduct.

“The NY Attorney General’s office published exhibits and transcripts this week that shed new light on Chris Cuomo’s part in his brother’s defense,” the spokesperson stated. “The documents raise serious questions.”

The spokesperson said that Chris Cuomo’s alleged conduct had went beyond his first explanation of aiding his brother in a hard situation:

“When Chris had admitted that he offered some advice to his brother’s employees, he broke our rules and we acknowledged that publicly. However, we do appreciate the unique situation he was in and understood that he needed to put family first and his job second.”

“The documents point to a higher level of involvement in Andrew Cuomo’s efforts than was previously known. As a result, we’ve suspended Chris Cuomo indefinitely, pending further evaluation.”

When Andrew Cuomo resigned as the governor of NY, in the beginning Chris Cuomo told CNN that he only assisted the disgraced governor as a fellow brother, not as his adviser. The text messages between the former governor’s top aide, Melissa DeRosa and the CNN host, disprove that claim.

“I have a lead on who the wedding girl is,” said a text from Cuomo

“There’s a rumor coming from politico that 1-2 more ppl are coming out tomorrow. Will u check your sources?” DeRosa asked in another text.

“On it,” Chris Cuomo replied. “No one has heard about that yet.”

In another message, Andrew Cuomo asked DeRosa to “let me help you with the prep.”

Chris Cuomo also gave DeRosa a written statement for his brother to use to announce that he won’t resign.

“I won’t resign, I can’t resign. I understand this political pressure I understand what the stakes of political warfare are, and that is what this is … And I understand the conformity that could be forced by cancel culture,” he stated.

Author: Scott Dowdy